If you plan on attending any workshops during Resurgence, we will need you to register at 22 Enmore Road beforehand. This is due to legal issues surrounding the use of the Twenty10 building.

Registration will be open at 22 Enmore Road from 9:30am on both Friday and Saturday. The price is $15 – this covers Friday and Saturday, plus a conference reader. If you plan to only attend one day, or don’t want a reader, the cost is $5 less.

If you can’t pay a registration fee, the alternative is to volunteer to help keep the conference running. Volunteer spots include things like serving food at lunchtime, being at the door for events, or cleaning up afterward.

Other costs:
Lunch will be served Friday and Saturday – by donation
So You Think Queers Can Dance? – $8 entry, or $5 for concession.

We really hoped to have this up sooner, but here are the workshop timetables for Friday and Saturday. The location of each workshop is written directly underneath.
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The Red Rattler opening, which was to be held on Friday, has been cancelled.

Here’s a more in-depth summary of the Resurgence program.

Thursday 12/3
‘Sharing Subversions/ Unleashing the Beast’ Gallery and festival launch 6 – 10pm at 22 Enmore Rd, Enmore, Sydney. This exhibition will be highly interactive and will include many ‘live’ artworks. This is an exhibition for exhibitionists. This night will also include The Jaffle Inn community cafe and DJ’s.

Friday 13/3
A day of political and practical workshops from 11am till 6pm. Featuring a panel discussion on the history and future of the Mardi Gras from 1 till 2.30pm at Twenty10, located at 45 Bedford St Newtown. This panel includes Peter Murphy and Ken Davis of the Pride History Group, Jeremy Fisher of the Australian Society of Authors, and Penny Gulliver. These people are original Mardi Gras 78ers and many of them have been actively involved in documenting and publishing Sydney queer history.

Jeremy Fisher was also involved the first ever ‘Pink Ban’ by the Builders Labourers Federation, where workers walked off work against homophobia in 1973. He will be talking about this in a workshop from 11am till 12pm also at Twenty10.

Red Rattler Opening from 8pm to 2pm, located at 6 Faversham St Marrickville

Saturday 14/3
Political and practical workshops from 11am till 6pm. Many great workshops on this day, including ones around Queer homelessness and the recession, racial stereotyping in queer performance, and a dance workshop by Sensitive New Age Gang.

‘So You Think Queers Can Dance?’ Battle party from 8 till 2pm at The Red Rattler. Featuring showcase performances, all-in dance battles, gang battles, Judges, DJ’s, and a refreshment ‘feeding booth’. For a full write up of performances please visit our blog spot. To battle please call KK on 0405 238 897 or turn up and register on the night.

Sunday 15/3
‘Queer Punks OUT Side’: Bands, Gay-Kart Jnr and Zine Fair from 1 till 5pm at Sydney Steel Rd, Marrickville. Bands include Sweet Nothings, Voting with Bricks, Baby Machine, and Ultra Violet MC’s. Gay-Kart is a mix of childhood cut-throat ambition and a scene from Godzilla. The wnner is the biggest and best beast of the world. Bring your skates/ board to compete. Zine tables are free but please contact Damien on 0405 168 462 to let us know if you need one.

‘Weird Science Affair’ SLIT Launch 4 till 8pm at The Red Rattler. Come help Slit launch the newest member of the Slit Mag family! Get your nerd/geek on and get down to see sexy scientists Anna Westbrook, Molly & the Pony, Mojo Juju, and Roborotic! Science nerds on hand to predict your sexual future and with Slit it’s lookin HOTTT!

For any more info on the festival please contact Karoline on 0432 661 739 or Bekka on 0408 297 660.

Slit Magazine NEW issue launch party
Sunday 15th March
Red Rattler 6 Faversham st Marrikville

A Weird Science Affair

Starring this issues stars
Mo Ju Ju
Bride of Frankenstein
Anna Westbrook
More TBA

Turns out all the links to uploaded files only worked for computers logged into this wordpress account. This has been fixed. Apologies for anyone who’s attempted to use them.

There is now a flyer for the Sharing Subversions/Unleashing the Beast exhibition. The first flyer-related post has the link.

From now on I won’t be making new posts whenever a new poster or flyer gets uploaded, just editing that post. The blog’s getting a bit cluttered.

So You Think Queers Can Dance? Saturday 14th of March at The Red Rattler.


Love Dance? Sick of boring hetero dance narrative? Gender is on the attack. And we are fighting back!

Gang, individual and improvised dance battles. Judges, show pieces, ‘ad breaks’, and a refreshment ‘feeding booth’. Not too mention DJ’s and music performances.

To perform or battle please email kmor0858@mail.usyd.edu.au or phone 0432 661 739. Dance skills not essential…

Here are some Resurgence posters and flyers for you to use should you feel the need to spread the word:
(about 2.5MB each)

Resurgence poster

Zine Fair flyer

So You Think Queers Can Dance? flyer

Sharing Subversions flyer

Resurgence starts on Thursday March 12 at 6pm, and ends Sunday March 15 at
Individual workshop times are still being finalised, but here’s the program
so far.

(The events in brackets are affiliated with Resurgence, though not run by

6pm – 10pm
Gallery Launch: Sharing Subversions/Unleashing the Beast
and Jaffle Inn community cafe night @ 22 Enmore Road

Breakfast *registration open*


Lunchtime & Short Films *registration open*


(Red Rattler Opening Party)

Breakfast (registration open)


Lunchtime & Short Films (registration open)


8pm – late.
PARTY: So You Think Queers Can Dance? @ the Red Rattler

1pm – 5pm
Queer punks out – side
Bands and zine fair @ Sydney Steel Rd, Marrickville.

2pm – 9pm
(SLIT launch @ the Red Rattler)

Call for submissions:

How can our art practices be more engaging within our queer communities? How can we bring what is often intimate and poignant to gallery spaces that are often sterile and confined? Galleries that marginalize, contain, and shield us from the dirty stories of history and the actuality of the monstrous but pacified queer sexualities.

S.S./U.T.B. is an ecstatic group art show held at the beginning of Resurgence at Little Fish Gallery. The idea is to create a robust, interactive, fierce, and thoughtful show that pushes the gallery walls out, pushes our energies out, and challenges the creative practitioners. Collaboration is highly encouraged and a renewed spirit in sharing and moving and shaking. Whilst ecstatic and exploratory, all mediums welcome.

Small to big; subversive energies, behavior, and consciousness is a powerful, moving beast that shares, unfolds, transforms and manifests.
Let’s share……………

We are not passive consumers, but agents who create the diversity that shape our communities, experiences, and sexualities. We are beasts to be reckoned with.

Submission deadline: Feb 27th
Show: Thursday March 12
CONTACT: Biff Baskerville////// beastmilk@gmail.com


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